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HeXiGtY - Hexagonal Fidget Toy.

HeXiGtY - Hexagonal Fidget Toy.

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Immerse yourself in the captivating pattern of your own creation with our Handmade HeXiGtY.

A hexagonal Fidgeting Desk Partner.

Featuring 22 interlocked rings, this mesmerizing accessory measures 200mm diagonal by 173mm width by 34mm height, offering both playfulness and practicality.

Fun and relaxing, twist, turn, tap, clap, shake, create, clickety clackity clicks, and slide with ease, producing an array of satisfying sounds. Perfect for kids, individuals with sensory needs, or anyone seeking colorful swag.

Our 3D printed PLA creation undergoes meticulous post-processing, ensuring high quality with minor imperfections.

Available in solid colors like Blue, Red, Black, and White, with more to come.

Connect with us to suggest new hues and enhance your collection. Order now and let the fun begin! (Please note: Due to the nature of 3D printing, minor cosmetic imperfections may occur, but rest assured, our commitment to quality remains unwavering.)

"Smaller sizes are scaled down versions." 22 rings. 

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